1- Extending the agreement to bring international aid through Bab al-Salamah and al-Rahi for 6 months
2- The death of activist Abdullah Madi in the regime’s prisons after 12 years of detention
3- ISIS claims the killing of 70 members of the regime and the Kurdish SDF militia within a week
4- A fire destroyed the ancient Annabi Mosque in Damascus
5- Rights Watch: Syrians lived another year of violations in 2023
6- Friday demonstration in Suwayda without flags, and without interference from the regime
7- Armed clashes and hostage-taking in Suwayda due to wood cutting
8- The death of a family (a mother, father, and child from Afrin) by drowning off the coast of Greece
9- A Swedish court tries Muhammad Hamo (a regime officer) for war crimes
10- Two Turks were arrested for torturing a Syrian boy after a school fight in Gaziantep
11- Robbing Syrians after kidnapping them in Lebanon