Statement of Support

The Forum for Thought and Strategic Studies has been following up since the first day of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which was carried out by the Israeli war government led by terrorist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and with the absolute support of the American administration.

As we enter the 96th day of aggression, the members of the forum include scholars, thinkers, statesmen, politicians, economists, jurists, jurists, media figures, experts, researchers, and artists; With the humanitarian family in anticipation of the start of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, in whose justice we place our confidence that it will bring justice to the oppressed Palestinian people against whom the Israeli occupation government committed the worst crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and clear war crimes in contemporary human history, and under In full view of the world and its double standards, we affirm the following:

Firstly. We stand by the Palestinian people in the justice of their demands for their rights to their land and homeland, freedom and independence, and we stand in solidarity with their pain and suffering.

2. We support the State of South Africa and the human rights and legal institutions that have boldly come forward to pursue murderers and criminals in the Israeli government.

3. We support the judges of the International Court of Justice in the face of external pressures, and we demand that they side with humanity and justice and apply international humanitarian law towards criminals in the Israeli government.

4. We call on the people, leaders and civil society organizations to issue a solidarity stance supporting the International Court of Justice, to pressure it to exercise its jurisdiction stipulated in international law.

In conclusion, pursuing war criminals in the Israeli occupation government and its army commanders is a sacred and appreciated effort by us, and the rights of the innocent and oppressed will not be forfeited by statute of limitations.

Chairman of the Thought Forum for Strategic Studies