The International Court of Justice hears South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel.
South Africa provides evidence that Israel committed the greatest crime (the crime of genocide) against the Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip:
1- It bombs the Palestinians continuously, kills them everywhere, and occupies them
2- You kill them in very large numbers. There are mass graves, and entire Afnit families
3- It deliberately imposed conditions that make life in the Gaza Strip impossible
4- It besieges 2.2 million people, and prevents the entry of what the population needs to live
5- It deliberately deprives the Palestinians of food, water, medicine, and energy
6- Deliberately depriving sick and injured people of the medicine and treatment necessary to save their lives
7- It identifies safe areas for Palestinian civilians, then bombs them
8- It snipes and kills women and children at a rate of 48 women and 117 children every day
9- It announces at the highest levels its intention to destroy the Gaza Strip and conduct comprehensive bombing
10- It does not condemn or prohibit calls for genocide, the use of nuclear weapons, and displacement
11- It is acceptable for soldiers to take pictures of themselves celebrating the destruction of cities and villages
12- The instigators of genocide include the Prime Minister
13- It targets vital infrastructure and commits many atrocities
14- It does not distinguish combatants from civilians, and civilian facilities are under constant bombardment
15- It holds all Palestinians responsible for the Hamas attack, and considers them all terrorists
16- It did not implement the Security Council’s resolution to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza
17- It completely escapes punishment and responsibility for the crimes of genocide it commits
18- The Palestinian people are subject to an apartheid regime, and they want to eliminate it
19- Most of Gaza’s buildings and facilities were wiped out, and Gaza was turned into a large grave
20- The Gaza Strip is a closed prison in which the crime of genocide is committed, with international failure