1- Dozens of regime soldiers and officers were killed and injured in two attacks on overnight buses in the Palmyra desert in central Syria (ISIS activity area)
2- 3 members of the Kurdish SDF militia were killed in the Deir ez-Zor countryside
3- SDF announces the killing of 3 of its members in a previous Turkish bombing north of Raqqa
4- Jordan bombs sites of drug smugglers in Suwayda (kills 3)
5- Jordan: The groups trying to enter Jordan have become large in number
6- The body of an officer was found in the city of Nawa (Daraa Governorate)
7- A security official was killed by unknown gunfire in the Yarmouk camp in Damascus
8- Two children were killed by a war projectile explosion in Deir ez-Zor
9- The opposition Hajj Committee continues contacts with Saudi Arabia
10- The Justice and Development Party’s candidate for mayor of Istanbul, Murat Kurum: Refugees are important, they provide labor, and they are forced to emigrate.
11- Foreign students in Turkish schools are one million, including 800,000 Syrians
12- The cost of issuing a Syrian passport is the highest in the world