1- Deaths and injuries occurred in clashes between ISIS and the regime in the Homs desert
2- A regime member was killed and another was injured in an attack in Qamishli
3- A child was killed and 14 injured as a result of the regime’s bombing of Idlib within 24 hours
4- Clashes and tension between local factions west of Daraa after the assassination of an important figure
5- The body of a young man was found murdered in Suwayda
6- Jordan: Drug smuggling from Syria is the organized work of an external force
7- An Earthquake reveals the secrets of Iranian groups’ tunnels in Deir ez-Zor
8- Reuters: Bashar al-Assad does not provide any support to Hamas
9- The Egyptian government audits the residencies of immigrants and refugees
10- Greece imposes additional conditions for granting residency to refugees
11- A significant increase in the number of asylum seekers in Germany (a third of them are Syrians)
12- Financial remittances from Syrian expatriates to Syria increased by 30% during the past year