1- An officer was killed and 4 regime members were wounded north of Daraa
2- The regime bombs Idlib and Sarmin and causes casualties among civilians
3- An Iraqi faction affiliated with the Iranian regime announces the bombing of American bases in Syria and Iraq, and Israeli bases in the Golan and Haifa, without causing losses.
4- A drone bombed a convoy of trucks loyal to the Iranian regime in Deir ez-Zor
5- Türkiye bombs the bases of the Kurdish SDF militia in Amuda
6- Documenting the killing of 600 people in southern Syria in 2023
7- Calls against the Syrians in Egypt, after a Syrian man proposed granting them an autonomous region
8- Russia gives Syrians in Russia a choice between fighting against Ukraine or deportation
9- The regime decides to raise the price of electricity 4 times