1- Putin: The Russian army will remain in Syria as long as it is beneficial to us
2- Ford: America is determined to keep its forces in Syria
3- Iraqi drones target 3 American bases in eastern and northern
4- Libanese Prime Minister calls on the world to help Lebanon confront the Syrian refugee crisis, and says that Lebanon is on the verge of total collapse
5- The United Nations hands over the Lebanese security data on Syrian refugees
6- Cyprus calls on EU to declare safe areas in Syria to return refugees
7- Germany arrests a Hezbollah member on charges of committing war crimes in Syria
8- Jordan foils an attempt to bring drugs into it from Syria (the third in 3 days)
9- Kurdish parties refuse the Kurdish Autonomous Administration’s adoption of a constitution for eastern Syria
10- Increasing the salaries of the police and public security in Al-Mahrir by 40%.