The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) denounces the recent approval by the Assad regime’s so-called People’s Assembly of a law facilitating the management and investment of confiscated property. This legislation, in conjunction with prior laws, is a blatant attempt to strip a broad segment of the Syrian population of their fundamental rights, particularly regarding private property. The SOC asserts that these measures primarily target those who have been forcibly displaced, both internally and externally, aiming to obstruct their eventual return to the country.

The Assad regime’s approach towards opponents, especially those residing outside its controlled areas, is characterized as criminal. The regime manipulates state agencies, including judicial and legislative authorities under its control, to issue sentences against perceived adversaries, providing it with the means to continue violating their rights.

The approval of these laws aligns with the Assad regime’s ongoing efforts to create impediments to the return of refugees and displaced Syrians. These actions are consistent with its criminal tactics employed since the onset of the Syrian revolution in 2011, where the people demanded freedom, dignity, and change.

The SOC issues a stern warning against the legislation endorsed by the Assad regime, labeling it as a flagrant violation of human rights and private property rights. Of particular concern are the direct implications on displaced individuals and refugees who face accusations and judicial rulings due to their political opposition to the regime. The SOC emphasizes that these laws contribute to worsening conditions, hindering the creation of a conducive environment for the voluntary, dignified, and safe return of refugees and displaced persons. Furthermore, they obstruct various initiatives, including regional ones, focused on the right of refugees to return to their original places of residence.

In response to these developments, the SOC urgently calls on the international community, the United Nations and its agencies, and influential countries in Syria to exert pressure on the Assad regime. The objective is to halt all practices, including the issuance of laws amounting to human rights violations, and to remove obstacles to progress in the Syrian political process. The SOC advocates for the full and strict implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2254 (2015).

Additionally, the SOC calls for decisive measures to hold the Assad regime and its supporters accountable for their involvement in crimes against humanity, war crimes, and human rights violations, in accordance with international law.