1- Increase in attacks on refugees and their shelters in Germany / 1,515 attacks in 9 months this year (compared to 1,370 throughout 2022)
2- The regime absented itself from the second session of the International Court of Justice, and the court asks the regime to stop torture, and not to erase evidence of it.
3- The International Commission of Inquiry for Syria welcomes the decision of the ICJ
4- The regime issues an amnesty for crimes committed before today
5- Russia criticizes the issuance of an arrest warrant against Bashar in France
6- A Turkish drone bombed a car in areas controlled by the Kurdish SDF militia
7- The regime kills a civilian with a missile in the eastern countryside of Idlib
8- The Lebanese authorities demolished a Syrian refugee camp in southern Lebanon
9- A stand in solidarity with Gaza was staged in Idlib City