The Syria Response Coordinators Team has highlighted that, as winter approaches and the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance rises, over 94% of households in northwestern Syria are grappling with the inability to obtain heating materials for the impending winter.

According to the report, about 67% of families in northwestern Syria are compelled to reduce their essential requirements, particularly food, in a desperate bid to procure heating resources for the forthcoming season. The report underscores a significant 120% increase in heating material prices compared to the previous year across various types of heating resources. Furthermore, it points out that 83% of families have a monthly income of no more than $50, making it exceedingly challenging to afford heating materials.

The team has called upon all humanitarian organizations and the United Nations to initiate winter projects and to address the substantial funding shortfalls currently present in order to deliver essential support to more than two million civilians in IDP camps.

In a press release, the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) earlier emphasized the imperative need to deliver humanitarian aid to eligible families by extending the UN mandate for cross-border humanitarian aid. The SOC stressed that humanitarian aid should not be routed through the Assad regime, as it has been known to exploit it to bolster militias fighting alongside it against the Syrian population.