1- Demonstrations in Idlib, Daraa, and several Syrian cities in solidarity with Gaza
2- The bombing stopped in Idlib for the second day in a row
3- Russia criticizes Israel’s bombing of Damascus and Aleppo airports
4- UN aid stopped after the bombing of the two airports
5- Local networks: The death of 23 Syrians when a migrants boat sank off Libya shores
6- A significant decline in the value of Syrian Pound against the dollar (a thousand SYP in two days)
7- A Turkish-US dispute regarding Turkish operations against SDF in Syria
8- The US President: Turkish operations threaten the war against ISIS
9- The Kurdish SDF militia seizes a regime institution in Hasakah
10- The Friday demonstration continues in as-Suwayda for the seventh week, and commemorates the death anniversary of Muntaha al-Atrash (opposed to the regime since the beginning of the revolution)