1- Israeli bombing of Iranian sites in Syria (Deir ez-Zor Governorate)
2- The Saudi Al-Malala Magazine: Arab normalization with the regime continues despite the disappointments because it began for non-Syrian reasons, and will continue for non-Syrian reasons
3- Continued protests against the policies of the Kurdish administration in Qamishli
4- A Turkish air strike on Qamishli yesterday killed a PKK leader
5- A member of the Asayish (Kurdish police) was killed south of Manbij (Aleppo)
6- The regime appoints an ambassador to Tunisia for the first time since 2011
7- Lebanon studies alternatives to return the Syrians after the international refusal for their return
8- Assassination of a former leader shot by unknown assailants in Daraa countryside
9- Opening the first clinic to treat drug addicts in liberated areas
10- A human rights report: Torture and killing of detainees in one of the regime’s military hospital
11- A mass attack on Syrians in the Christian neighborhood of Achrafieh (Lebanon)