1- 10th anniversary of hitting Ghouta with chemical weapons by the regime, the death toll of which was 1144 (1,119 civilians and 25 opposition fighters) and 6,000 wounded.
The regime repeated the use of weapons of mass destruction (chemical) 220 times
2- The general strike continues in As-Suwayda, and protests take place in 14 points
Druze religious leaders participated in the protests, and demands to topple the regime
3- The regime shoots at a demonstration in Nawa (Daraa Governorate)
4- A series of Russian raids on the liberated areas in Idlib
5- The EU: the economic situation is difficult in Syria because of the regime
6- Economic indicator: The needs of a Syrian family are equal to 30 times their income
7- The Iraqi government: America is changing its forces in Syria, not increasing them
8- Kurdish journalists demand the Kurdish Autonomous Administration to release a Kurdish journalist
9- An Israeli raid against Iranian and regime sites in Damascus