1- In a statement to the Emirati Sky News channel, Bashar says:
– Terrorism in Syria is made by Turkey and I refuse to meet Erdogan while his army is in Syria.
– There is a danger from the Ottoman expansionist thought flavored with a perverted Muslim Brotherhood flavor.
– The countries that created chaos in Syria bear responsibility for the spread of narcotics
– The position of the former Hamas leadership (Khaled Meshaal) towards us was a mixture of treachery and hypocrisy
– the Arab League is not an institution in the true sense
2- Erdogan: Our army in Syria thwarted dreams of establishing a terrorist state
3- A senior official in the regime’s Military Security and a journalist were killed in Daraa
4- Shelling from regime and SDF areas on a refugee camp caused casualties
5- The United Nations reaches an agreement with the regime to open Bab al-Hawa crossing for cross-border aid delivery six months
6- UNHCR agrees to give Lebanon data of the Syrians
7- The Syrian pound continues to collapse. One US dollar = 13,750 SYP
8- A Taiwanese sports team refuses to play in Syria, due to the lack of security