1- Russia bombed Idlib city killing three civilians and injuring others
2- Syrian regime bombed western Aleppo and Hama, resulting in civilian deaths and 4 injuries
3- The United States stops the exemption of some of the sanctions on the regime that was applied after the earthquake
4- As of August 8th, the regime will no longer enjoy exemption from US sanctions
5- The opposition negotiations commission elected Bader James as President for a term of one year
6- After being prohibited from holding its meeting in Saudi Arabia, the SNC held a meeting in liberated areas
7- Istanbul Mayor: foreigners committing crimes in Turkey are six times fewer than Turks;
The reason is that we expel foreign criminals, even if they have valid documents
8- 105 attacks against refugees and 14 attacks against refugee shelters were documented within 6 months of this year, in Bavaria, Germany
9- Lebanese security authorities reveal that Syrians have been kidnapped at the border for ransom