1- Erdogan: The regime is demanding that we leave northern Syria, and this will not happen.
2- A local group from As-Suwayda holds officers from the regime, including high ranking officers, in custody
3- The officers were released after the regime released two young men from As-Suwayda
4- The UN Security Council discusses the humanitarian situation in Syria after the Russian veto
5- The Syrian Pound continues to fall, and the euro exchange rate exceeds 12 thousand SYP in Aleppo
6- Demobilization of the regime’s reserve soldiers whose service exceeded 6 and a half years
7- Iraq extradites three Syrians arrested for violating residency laws and hands them over to the regime
8- The National Coalition discusses the situation of Syrians in Turkey with Turkish officials
9- Turkey: the number of foreigners is 5 million, granting residency has been restricted in some neighborhoods
10- An-Nahar Al-Arabi: More than 95% of those whom the regime sent on scholarships to study will not return to Syria