– The regime bombards southern Idlib with artillery and injures 3 civilians
– 3 young men were killed by gunmen, and a person was killed under torture by the regime, in Daraa
– Civilians were killed in a car bomb explosion near the town of al-Rai in liberated areas
– The USA says it killed the leader of ISIS, Osama al-Muhajir, east of Syria
– Military movement and reinforcements by USA, SDF and Iran in Deir Ezzor
– Armed people from As-Suwayda block Damascus road and hold soldiers in their custody
– France stops repatriating the families of French ISIS members from Syria
– The opposition Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party: Residents of Kurdish Autonomous Administration areas are emigrating, without hope, as they are besieged by corruption and restrictions
– Resigned members from the Coordination Body reject the Body’s agreement with SDF
– A new wave of high prices due to the increase in the price of fuel in the regime-held areas
– the regime’s Minister of Oil: the losses of the oil sector in Syria are at 100 billion USD
– The water crisis turns summer into hell in Syria