– The regime launches a campaign against Tafas (west of Daraa), besieging and bombing the city
– Local fighters clash with the regime forces and thwart their advance
– Local people of Tafas are displaced and there are news of a ceasefire and deescalation
– The Syrian Pound continues to fall: the exchange rate of one US Dollar is about 10 thousand SYP and one Euro is about 11 thousand SYP
– The US President to Syrian activists: Bashar must leave
– USA: Russian planes approached American planes in Syrian skies
– Israeli newspaper: An Israeli air strike on Iranian weapons in Damascus yesterday
– One million asylum seekers to Europe in 2022, led by the Syrians
– Turkey: One million Syrians returned to Syria from Turkey, half of them returned to Idlib
– The Saudi regime agrees to restore air flights with Damascus
– Save the Children: Aid is essential for the survival of Syrian children
– The regime refuses to recognize the International Commission of Inquiry on Syria