– The Turkish army targets dozens of the regime forces and SDF militia. At least 4 regime agents and 2 Kurdish SDF members were killed
– The Turkish army talks about killing dozens of the regime and the SDF members
– Charles Lister: Ending the truce between PKK and Turkey will have an impact on Syria
– A brigadier general affiliated with the regime forces was assassinated in Homs
– Israeli bombardment of Iranian militia positions in Damascus and its surroundings
– A boat carrying 700 immigrants, including Syrians, sank in Greek waters
– Confirming the death of 78 immigrants, while 104 were rescued without specifying their nationalities
– Germany forcibly deports refugees to countries where they were forced to be fingerprinted
– IOM warns against a severe shortage in aid funding in Syria
– ICRC: 90% of Syrians are below poverty line, and 15 million people need assistance
– A Saudi agreement with the regime on economic cooperation, trade and investment