– A Turkish human rights organization publishes posters against the racism of candidate Kilicdaroglu
– The posters read: Let immigrants stay and Kilicdaroglu leave
– Khaled Khoja (a party allied to Kilicdaroglu) criticizes kilicdaroglu’s racism against Syrians
– A Turkish newspaper: Lies on social media exposes Syrians to danger and racism
– A Syrian refugee was killed in his workplace in Istanbul
– An earthquake measuring 4.9 in southern Turkey, felt by the people of northern Syria
– The mechanism for deporting Syrians in Lebanon has been limited to the General Security Administration
– The UN: We support the return of Syrians from Lebanon to Syria, under the condition of guaranteeing their safety
– ISIS injures 3 members of the Kurdish SDF militia In Deir Ezzor
– Damascus pharmacies lack infant formula and medicines for chronic diseases
– The security forces give locals of the town of al-Hameh two days to deliver 30 wanted individuals