– Demonstrations and celebrations in the anniversary of the revolution reached their peak in liberated areas, Daraa and the diaspora
– HTS declares the implementation of two operations that led to the killing of 20 regime members
– It has been found that a commander was among the 9 SDF militia personnel who were killed in the two helicopter incident yesterday
– Ukraine imposes sanctions on Bashar al-Assad along with 300 of his clique
– Despite his harsh criticism against Saudi Arabia in the past, the Kingdom warmly welcomes the Syrian poet Adonis
– Dozens of IDP camps in liberated areas have been damaged under heavy rain and floods
– Two children died because of the collapse of a bridge under the heavy rain in Hasakeh
– UNHCR expresses its concern about considering Latakia Province a safe area by Denmark
– Governor of the Lebanese Beqaa harshly criticizes Syrian refugees in Lebanon
– Around 40 syrian family attempts to get smuggled into Lebanon every day
– A large quantity of drugs headed from Syria to Jordan got busted in al-Tanf
– Save the Children: the earthquake response (delivery of aid) is still very low
– Commander of the Iranian Quds Forces visits Syria for the second time after the earthquake
– The regime rejects authorizing a demonstration calling the cabinet in Damascus to resign
– Russian newspaper expects that no normalization will take place between Turkey and the regime, at least until after the elections in Turkey