is indeed a shame to see a delegation of Arab parliamentarians exploit the tragedy of the earthquake that hit the Syrian people to meet with Bashar Assad. The Arab parliamentarians’ delegation that met with Bashar Assad yesterday seem to forget that while the earthquake has killed, at worst, seven thousand Syrian citizens, the Assads regime killed hundreds of thousands.

Some argue that Syria should be brought back to its Arab orbit. However, Syria’s people have always been and will always be in the Arab world, whereas the authority in Damascus, led by Bashar Assad, is in the Iranian orbit without a return ticket. The authority in Damascus is completely in the hands of the Iranian regime today. Whoever normalizes relations with this authority is normalizing relations with Iran rather than with the Syrian people.

The worst thing that can happen in the world is in overlooking facts, realities and justice and altering history. If some people admire Bashar Assad, it is their problem, but they have no right whatsoever to promote his integration back to Arab ranks.

Does the delegation that visited Assad recognize that such steps only exacerbate the frustration of the Syrian people and make them feel not only that the Arab terms of reference are absent but even that such terms of reference are conspiring against them?

Solidarity with Syria to face the earthquake ordeal cannot be done through normalizing relations with the Assad regime which has shaken Syria and destroyed it over the heads of the Syrian people because they revolted for their freedom, dignity and right to life. Genuine solidarity with the Syrian people should be through rescuing them from this regime which has made them suffer bitterly.