The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) strongly condemns the relentless bombing campaign conducted by the Assad regime and its backers on residential neighborhoods in Idlib city. The use of incendiary phosphorous shells against civilians further underscores this regime’s blatant disregard for international law, treaties, UN resolutions, and human rights. This alarming pattern demonstrates a clear indifference towards international organizations and bodies responsible for enforcing resolutions aimed at protecting civilians.

Despite the urgent need for international intervention, the SOC notes the continued indifference of the international community and international organizations in fulfilling their legal and humanitarian obligations to halt the war crimes perpetrated by the Assad regime. The regime persists in employing excessive brutality on a daily basis, resulting in ongoing loss of life and injuries. If this escalation is not promptly addressed, it poses the imminent threat of triggering a new wave of displacement affecting hundreds of thousands of Syrians.

The SOC urgently calls upon the UN Secretary-General and the UN Special Envoy for Syria to condemn these brutal attacks and unequivocally identify their perpetrators. Additionally, the SOC implores the international community to hold accountable those responsible for these heinous crimes. It urges concerted efforts through all available means to fully and strictly implement relevant Security Council resolutions, with a particular emphasis on Resolution 2254 (2015). Moreover, the SOC emphasizes the imperative for countries guaranteeing the de-escalation zones agreement to fulfill their responsibilities. It calls upon these nations to take decisive measures to halt the ongoing crimes committed against innocent Syrian civilians.